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4 Digital Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

Local listings can be a challenge for inexperienced marketers.  There are subtle differences between marketing a local brick and mortar business rather than a pure internet company.  Here is a prioritized list of how local companies can target local customers in order to drive sales.


#1 SEO for local listings

95% of users begin their internet inquiries with search, and up to 55% of those queries include local.  Ranking locally is more important than ever before, and competition increases daily.  Small businesses need an accurate business listing on all of the major local sites including but not limited to: Google, Facebook and YP.  Not doing even the most basic steps has been said to cost businesses over 10 billion per year!  Numerous times Brandep has found clients listing incorrect information or none at all, missing out in critical customer engagement opportunities.


#2 Discovery sites

Businesses need to go to where their customers are.  That might seem obvious, but many small businesses either do not know where that is online, or do not know how to implement a marketing plan to them.  SEO is only one tactic to acquiring customers, there are many other websites that get large amounts of highly targeted traffic that local businesses should be targeting.  Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Booking, Twitter – just to name a few.  If your business isn’t participating in social media, it is leaving money on the table!


#3 Paid search

The fastest way to acquire new customers and increase ROI – or lose money if someone managing the PPC does not know what they are doing.  Paid search is highly competitive, but if done properly can have a huge positive effect on ROIs.  Talk to your digital marketer about a paid search campaign and retargeting.


#4 User Reviews

Very powerful to show consumers the quality of your business or product.  Other than the marketing pitch, consumers want to read what other consumers think about a product or service.  Reiterate at every opportunity what customers think about your service or product.  This can sway a potential customer into dealing with your company.

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