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5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2016 That Are Here To Stay

Marketing has evolved rapidly over the last decade.  The internet is constantly changing how businesses can connect with customers and grow.  Even in 2016 we are seeing different channels producing different and sometimes better results.  It’s crucial as a business to select a digital marketing agency that is constantly implementing new ways to reach audiences.  The landscape changes so quickly, what worked 8 months ago, might not be working today.


1 –   Mobile and Video

More time is spent on mobile devices than ever before – but video advertising has not yet evolved to fit this space seamlessly.  Too many times videos are shown with sound or not formatted correctly for mobile.  As you push more and more into this space, make sure you are presenting users with a good experience.  Engagement and conversions will be higher.

2 – More accurate audience insights

Knowing who you need to target and their behaviors and tastes is essential.  One marketing campaign that works for one demographic will have completely different results for another demographic.  As digital marketers can get more and more data on their audiences – they should be tailoring their advertising even more specifically to these segments.

3 – Video alone

Facebook video has grown exponentially in the last 2 years.  If companies are not creating videos to put in front of customers, these companies are leaving money on the table.  If you have not started to create brandable videos targeted at different audience demographics, you should start today.

4 – Apply across all departments

Make sure you communicate with other departments internally.  HR, sales, and internal comms can have input on how a marketing plan is developing, which can help these departments meet their objectives.  In the end they will save money or have a greater ROI.

5 – What customers want

This is a classic solution that has been true for hundreds of years.  It will still be true 200 years from now.  Once you understand your customers’ needs and put a solution in front of their eyes, you already won half the battle.


Make sure you speak with your digital marketing firm today about how to implement the above solutions for your business.  If you are not working with anyone or would like to work with Brandep, contact us today.  We offer a free consultation and can put together a custom package for you to meet your company goals.

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