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5 ways to improve your digital marketing strategy

Marketing has come a long way in the last 15 years for businesses online.  It’s not sufficient enough to just “post and pray”, a marketing technique which many firms are using online.  There has to be a comprehensive strategy to acquire new customers, and at the same time engage current customers.

Attracting targeted traffic to a site requires more than just a part time commitment.  Digital marketing utilizes different methods than traditional marketing methods, and produces results.

Who is your target audience

You must know the demographics of who you are going after.  Men, women, ages, interests.  This is a crucial first step for building a marketing plan.

Where is your target audience

Your customers will “hang out” on different platforms.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, YouTube all have a different user base.  Identify where your audience is at and make these platforms a priority.

Build a Customer Base

If a customer does not convert on the first visit, make sure you get their information (email, number, etc) if at all possible so you can keep in contact for later opportunities.

Create Quality

Your website needs to be informative for customers as well as pitching the product.  Make sure you are providing value to customers.

Analyze and Out Source

There is a reason companies have marketing departments.  It allows other departments to focus on their projects.  Identify when is the right time to hire outside help to drive the traffic you need so you can focus on growing the company in other areas.

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